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The company: XPLR is a company dedicated to creating virtual guided tours, as well as highly innovative and interactive visual content, customised to the preferences of its clients and taking into account the latest consumer trends. The company is dedicated to developing various technological solutions in the tourism sector, with its X-Plora product standing out.

X-Plora is an innovative Tour Builder for self-guided tours, whether they are physical or virtual tours. Through a CMS, it gives autonomy to any tourist attraction (city or local) to create its own experience, interact and involve its visitors with the most innovative technologies, creating alternative forms of revenue and collecting data for better decisions.

Always at the forefront of innovation, XPLR is characterised by its constant search for solutions that can support the development of its products and commercial activities. We must highlight the project ATT – Acelerar e Transformar o Turismo. It is a Mobilising Agenda where various organisations have come together with the aim of revolutionising the tourism sector.

Technical details of the application:
Typology: Agendas Mobilizadoras para a Inovação Empresarial (PRR)
Organization: IAPMEI
Eligible investment: 262.000,00€
Non-refundable incentive: 209.760,00€

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