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The company: Floricolor is a leading Portuguese photographic laboratory in Europe and worldwide, exporting to around 50 countries and with a strong presence in the USA. Its global dimension makes Floricolor one of the biggest European players in the professional market. Serving professional photographers since 1979, Floricolor currently has 10,000m2 of state-of-the-art facilities and around 90 employees.

Relevant projects: Floricolor sees itself as a company focused on innovation, sustainability and international presence, which is why over the years it has submitted and successfully executed several applications for support. We highlight:

Typology: Inovação Produtiva PME (PT2020)
Organization: IAPMEI
Eligible investment: 1.206.093,75€
Non-refundable incentive: 350.156,25€
Refundable incentive: 350.156,25€

The implementation of this application allowed Floricolor to acquire the first Fujifilm JetPress 750 S in Europe.

Other projects

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