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Enigma Virtual

The company: Enigma Virtual, Gema Digital as it is recognised in the market, is a company dedicated to creating interactive multimedia projects. It is a company with an internal dynamic for creating innovative projects and the company’s products can be categorised into two broad categories: Interactive Media (Multimedia Engineering) and Corporate Media (Content Creation and Development).

Over time it has gone through different phases, critical to its development, which are inseparable from its presence and consolidation in the world of IT development.

Its international growth has been sustainable and supported through the presentation and development of applications to support the internationalisation of SMEs.

Technical details of the application:
Typology: Internacionalização PME (PT2020)
Organisation: AICEP
Eligible investment: 208.805,00€
Non-refundable incentive: 93.962,25€
Target Markets United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Japan

Other projects

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