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Camacho Engenharia

The company: Camacho – Engenharia, S.A. was founded on 31 January 1978 by the Rodrigues e Camacho family. Since its foundation, Camacho Engenharia has been dedicated to the execution of all types of infrastructure in the field of civil engineering, with a special focus on the water and environment sectors, urban planning, roads and landscaping, as well as urban regeneration and hydro-agriculture.

The company has a large international presence and is currently represented in the markets of Senegal, Mali and Niger.

Camacho Engenharia had the support of the PT 2020 Community Framework to define and implement its strategy for attracting international clients in a structured way.

Technical details of the application:
Typology: Internacionalização PME (PT2020)
Organisation: AICEP
Eligible investment: 282.605,00€
Non-refundable incentive: 115.957,86€
Target markets: Niger, Guinea-Bissau, Burkina Faso, Mauritania

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