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The company: 5D is a textile company located in the north of Portugal, specialising in denim and woven clothing. Founded in 2016, 5D has rapidly expanded from a local company to a prestigious international production company, producing for some of the most renowned international brands.

100% of its production is Made in Portugal. In this way, it ensures that all its employees benefit from a healthy and safe working environment, in compliance with all European environmental and labour standards. 5D is aware of its social and economic responsibility in developing a fair and sustainable society.

With a view to sustainable and financially responsible international growth, 5D has invested in submitting and developing applications to support internationalisation.

Technical details of the application:
Typology: Internacionalização PME (PT2020)
Organisation: AICEP
Eligible investment: 125.930,00€
Non-refundable incentive: 56.668,50€
Target markets: Sweden, Denmark, France, USA and UK.

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